Whirlpool Refrigerators Energy Star Class Action Settlement (California Only)

Class Eligibility

Class Members of the KitchenAid Energy Star refrigerator settlement include all California residents who own a model number KSRG25FV or KSRS25RV KitchenAid refrigerator (“Class Refrigerator”).

To be eligible for benefits from the class action settlement, you must have acquired the refrigerator in one of the following ways:

•Purchasers of new Class Refrigerator;

• You acquired a new Class Refrigerator as part of the purchase or remodel of a home; or

• Recipients of a new Class Refrigerator as a gift and it was not used by anyone before the donor gave you the refrigerator.

Estimated Amount


As an alternate option class action members may request a 10% voucher off their next Whirlpool purchase

Proof of Purchase

Serial #

Case Name

Kyle Dei Rossi and Mark Linthicum v. Whirlpool Corporation, et al.
Case No. 2:12-cv-00125,
District Court for the Eastern District of California

Case Summary

This settlement resolves allegations regarding certain KitchenAid brand refrigerators that were labeled with the Energy Star logo even when the appliances failed to meet the Energy Star program’s energy efficiency standards.

Whirlpool denies the allegations and further asserts that their appliances were compliant. However, to avoid a trial they have agreed to settle.

Settlement Pool





Dei Rossi v. Whirlpool Settlement Administrator

c/o Kurtzman Carson Consultants

P.O. Box 40007

College Station, TX 77842-4007