Wilson-DeMarini White Steel Softball Bat Class Action Settlement

Class Eligibility

The Settlement includes individual consumers, exclusive of Wilson, its employees, judges presiding over this case and Plaintiffs’ counsel, who purchased one or more new 13/14 White Steels from Wilson or an authorized dealer of Wilson in the United States from December 23, 2011 through June 6, 2018.

Estimated Amount

$35 to $85

Class members who bought a new 13/14 White Steel and who made and completed a warranty claim with Wilson will receive a $85 Wilson Voucher. Class members who initiated but did not complete the warranty process and provided Wilson with their contact information, proof of purchase and indicated the White Steel was the reason for their claim will also receive a $85 Wilson Voucher. Class members who did not start or complete a warranty claim will receive a $35 Wilson Voucher as long as they can show proof of purchase.

Proof of Purchase


Case Name

Hiroyuki Oda, et al. v. Wilson Sporting Goods Co.,
Case No. 8:15-cv-02131,

U.S. District Court for the Central District of California

Case Summary

The lawsuit claims that the 13/14 White Steels sold by Wilson were defectively designed and manufactured which caused the 13/14 White Steels to fail prematurely. Specifically, the lawsuit contends Wilson violated California and federal laws by failing to disclose the alleged defects and complying with its express warranty.
Wilson contends that the 13/14 White Steels were properly designed and manufactured, and that the vast majority of them did not fail prematurely, and has denied all of the claims in the lawsuit.

Settlement Pool





Wilson-Demarini 2013/14 White Steel Bats Settlement

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