Never Miss Another Class Action

Product Typical
Time to
Proof of
Stonebridge Insurance Text Message
SMS offering Walmart Voucher
A0035$155 M055 minutes N/A 8/23/2014
Innovative Dining Group Purchasers of Kobe Beef Items
California Only
A0035$10 to $20 store gift card M0510 minutes No 8/8/2014
Automated Calls From Best Buy
Washington State Customers & National Subclass
A0035$50-$100 M0510 minutes No 8/22/14
NEW – Purchasers of Kashi & Bear Naked Products
Individuals in California who purchased Bear Naked or Kashi Products
A0035$10-$25+ M0510 minutes No 8/25/2014
NEW – Purchasers Dreamfields Pasta
Individuals who purchased Dreamfields Pasta for personal consumption
A0035$29.95 M055minutes No 9/1/2014
NEW – Individuals who received one or several automated calls from Vivint A0035 Up to $500 M055 minutes Phone # 7/28/2014
NEW – Individuals who purchased hop on, hop off tours in NYC
Gray Line or CitySights
A0035 $20 per ticket M055 minutes No 08/01/2014
Honeywell Round Thermostat
(California & Vermont Only)
A0018$18 M055 minutes No 7/18/14
Sinus Buster Products
sinus buster, sinus buster mild, cold buster and others
A0035$5+ M055 minutes No 7/17/2014
Shoe Show Retail Purchases
Receipts displaying 5+ credit or debit digits and expiration date
A0035$35 voucher M055 minutes No 7/14/2014
Innovative Dining Group Purchasers of Kobe Beef Items
California Only
A0035$10 to $20 store gift card M0510 minutes No 8/8/2014
NEW – Subscribers to Buffalo Bills Text Alerts
Individuals receiving more than the authorized maximum texts
A0035$57.50-$75 gift card M0510 minutes phone number 7/18/14
Popchips misleading claims A0010$10 M055 minutes No 7/7/14
Diamond Dog Food Salmonella Contamination
Kirkland, Natural Balance, Diamond, etc
A0040$40 M055 minutes No 7/11/14
Trex Wood Alternative Products
Decking & fencing with fungus or discoloration
A0150$150 / vouchers M6060 minutes Photos 5/27/14
Heel Homeopathic Products
Traumeel & Zeel
A0040$100+ M1010 minutes No 6/5/14
Fitflop False Advertising A0080$80 M1010 minutes No 6/27/14
Banana Boat UltraMist Ignition Recall A0005Voucher M055 minutes No 6/27/14
Lifetime Basketball Made in USA Claims A0010$30
M055 minutes No 4/11/14
Pocket Hose misleading claims A0006$6 M055 minutes No 6/20/14
Trader Joes All Natural Products
Cookies, Juice, Cheese, Biscuits, Cinnamon Rolls
A0035$35 M055 minutes No 6/16/14
Reddy Ice / Glacier Ice / City Ice
Price Fixing Settlement
A0006$6 M055 minutes No 6/12/14
NEW – American Cleaners Environmental Surcharge
(Missouri only)
A0002Vouchers M055 minutes No 4/16/14
Mario Badescu Undisclosed Ingredients A0020$45
M055 minutes No 4/7/14
USDA Hispanic and Women Farmers A9999$50,000 M6060 minutes USDA Application 3/25/13
Skechers Toning Shoes A0200$40 -$400 M055 minutes No 4/18/13
Lucky Brand Jeans Unsolicited Text Messages A0050$100 M1010 minutes Phone # 4/19/13
(OH, OK, TN, TX, NC, & CA)
A0003$3 or voucher M1515 minutes Yes 2/21/13
Walgreens Wal-Born
(Over-the-counter dietary supplement ‘immune booster’)
A0018$5 – $30 M055 minutes No 2/4/13
Bayer Aspirin
(Heart Advantage & Women’s Low Dose + Calcium)
A0008$6 – $10 M033 minutes No 2/7/13
New Balance Toning Shoes A0150$100 – $200 M055 minutes No 2/25/13
Organic Milk
(Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, Safeway, Wild-Oats brand … )
A0010$10 M033 minutes No 3/13/13
Coppertone A0007$5 – $10 M055 minutes No 3/4/13
Electronic Arts Video Games
(EA Sports Madden, NCAA Football, & Arena Football )
A0030$2 – $60 M044 minutes No 3/5/13
Fulmer Helmets (AF-50) A0025$25 M1010 minutes Yes 3/20/13
NEW  –  Ticketmaster / TicketsNow A0010$10 M1010 minutes No 3/19/13
Toprol XL
(or generic equivalent Metoprolol Succinate)
A0100$100** M1010 minutes Prescription 4/1/13
Ab Circle Pro
(exercise equipment sold via infomercial and in stores)
A0200$200 M055 minutes No 4/22/13
NEW – Midland Credit Management (MCM) Collection Calls
(CA, FL, MD, NV, NH, PA, WA only)
A1000$1000 M1010 minutes Phone
NEW – Breathe Right Snore Relief Throat Spray A0004$8 voucher M055 minutes No 5/21/13
AT&T Robocalls A0135$135 – $270 M1010 minutes Phone # 5/13/13
Cytosport Nutritional Products
Muscle Milk, Monster Milk, Cytomax, Complete Whey, etc
A0010$5 – $20 M055 minutes No 5/4/13
Optimum Nutrition Products with Aminogen
Gold Standard Whey, NitroCore 24, Pro Complex, etc
A0048$48 M055 minutes No 5/28/13
Hydroxycut Weight Loss Supplement A0025$25 M055 minutes No 5/23/13
Domino’s Pizza Robocalls (LA, AL, MS) A0015$15 M055 minutes Phone # 5/4/13
Electronic Arts Video Games
(EA Sports Madden, NCAA Football, & Arena Football )
A0030$2 – $60 M044 minutes No 5/15/13
Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, Norton Personal Firewall, Norton SystemWorks A0010$10 M1010 minutes No 5/6/13
Bayer Men’s Health One-a-Day Multi-Vitamin A0002$2 M1010 minutes No 5/23/13
Facebook Sponsored Story $10 4 minutes Facebook Account 5/2/13
Clearwire Debt Collection Calls A0050$25 – $100 M055 minutes Phone # 5/27/13
Citizens Bank Overdraft Fees A0050$50 M1010 minutes Bank Account 5/6/13
NEW – Asus Prime Tablet
Asus Eee Pad TF201 Transformer Prime
A0017$17+ M105 minutes Serial # 5/31/13
Michaels Credit Card Fraud A0000N/A M1515 minutes No 5/25/13
Commerce Bank Overdraft Fees A0050$50 M1010 minutes Bank Account 5/21/13
ACT Total Care Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash
(From January 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010)
A0010$10 M033 minutes No 7/6/13
Harris Bank Overdraft Fees A0050$50 M1010 minutes Bank Account 6/18/13
Humphreys Homeopathic Products A0500$50 – $100 M1010 minutes No 6/19/13
Heating Pads
(Kaz, SoftHeat, SmartHeat, Dunlap … )
A0012$10 – $20 M055 minutes No 6/17/13
Medela Breastmilk Bottles
(2.7, 5, & 8 ounces)
M055 minutes No 6/20/13
ADT Security Robocalls A0100$50 – 100 M055 minutes Phone
Steve Madden Unsolicited Text Message A0150$150 M033 minutes Phone # 6/11/13
Imprelis Tree Damage A5000$30 –
M9090 minutes Yes 6/28/13
Sony Grand Wega Rear-Projection
1080p Misleading Advertising Settlement
M1010 minutes Serial
Wellbutrin XL Generics
CA, FL, NV, NY, TN, & WI only
A0050$50 M1010 minutes No. 5/31/13
BAR/BRI Bar Examination Prep A0400$400 M1515 minutes No. 7/8/13
Disco Unsolicited Text Message A0200$200 M055 minutes Phone
Energy Plus Class Action Settlement
CT, IL, PA, NY, MA, MD, OH, & TX only
A0050$6 – 105 M1010 minutes Postcard 7/24/13
Quick Trim Weight Loss Supplement A0010$10-50 M055 minutes No. 8/5/13
LA Fitness
Slow Cancellation of Services
A0020$20 M1515 minutes Postcard 8/9/13
Hydroxatone Wrinkle Cream
(Celtrixia, Hydrolyze, Declatone, Lashatone, etc)
A0071$40 – 100 M1010 minutes Postcard 8/15/13
Acer Netbooks w/ Vista & 1GB Ram
(with share system & graphics memory)
A0010$10 – 100 M1010 minutes Serial
Toyota Unintended Acceleration
Economic Loss Settlement (Toyota / Lexus / Scion) (01 – 10)
A0037$37 – 125+ M1010 minutes Yes 7/29/13
Chula Vista Cell Phone Users
Refund of TUT Tax Payments
A0040$35-50 M1010 minutes No. 7/31/13
Flonase (or Generic Equivalent) A0005$5 M055 minutes Yes 8/15/13
Yoplait YoPlus Yogurt A0054$54 M055 minutes No 8/16/13
AOL Search (2006) A0500$50 – $100 M1010 minutes AOL Account 7/26/13
Crest Sensitivity Toothpaste
Misleading Advertising Class Action
A0004$4 M055 minutes No. 8/19/13
Papa John’s Class Action Settlement
Unsolicited text message solicitations
A0050$50 M055 minutes Phone
LA Fitness Action Settlement
Gym membership & personal training (NJ only)
A0035Voucher M1010 minutes Postcard 9/17/13
Charlotte Russe Credit Card Users
California Only
A0005Voucher M055 minutes Credit Card
Ticketmaster Entertainment Rewards A0030$30 M055 minutes Name 8/28/13
Potash Consumer Settlement
Fertilizer, Snow/Ice Removal, Water Softener
A0030$30 M1010 minutes No 9/2/13
Quicksilver Stores Credit Card Users (2009 – 13)
California Only
A0008Voucher M055 minutes No 9/9/13
Radio Shack Credit Card Class Action A0005$10 voucher M055 minutes No. 8/27/13
Boiron Children’s Coldcalm
(California Only)
A0016$16 M088 minutes No. 9/3/13
SUNY Non-Resident Tuition
(w/ High School or GED in NY State)
A9999$9,000+ M1010 minutes ID 9/4/13
Nexium or Generic Equivalent (Omeprazole)
(Massachusetts only)
A0025$25+ M055 minutes No 8/30/13
Neutrogena Naturals A0010$10 M055 minutes No 8/26/13
Southwest Airlines Drinks Voucher A0005$5 voucher M055 minutes No 9/2/13
Gerber Childswear Class Action
Tagless Clothing – Made in India
A0003Voucher M1010 minutes No 9/16/13
Brazilian Blowout Hair Treatment
Consumers, Stylists, & Salons
A0035$35 M1010 minutes No 9/23/13
Porsche 911 & Boxter (2001-05)
Intermediate Shaft Failure
A9000$10,000 M3030 minutes VIN
Hertz PlatePass Class Action Settlement
Insufficiently disclosed toll fees
A0020$20 M055 minutes Rental
iPhone & iPod Touch Class Action Settlement
Warranty coverage for liquid damage
A0200$200 M1010 minutes Serial
TurboTax Class Action Settlement
Fees deducted from refund undisclosed financing charges.
A0030$30 M055 minutes Social Sec.
Horizon Organic Milk & Silk Soymilk
Evaporated Cane Juice
A0010$8-50 M055 minutes No. 10/26/13
NEW – Full Tilt Poker
Reimbursement for frozen accounts
A0200$200 M1010 minutes Account No. 11/16/13
NEW – Louis Vuitton In Store Credit Card
California only (2010 – 2013)
A0025Voucher M055 minutes No 11/13/13
California only (2011 – 2012)
A0100$100 M055 minutes Phone Number 11/14/14
Intelius Background Check or Identiy Theft Protection A0225$225 M055 minutes Email 11/11/13
Auto Price Finder Unsolicited Text Messages
Also AutoDealFinder.com, HiddenCarPrices.com, etc
A0015$15 M055 minutes No 11/11/13
NEW – AT&T / Pacific Bell Landline Late Fees
(California Only)
M055 minutes No 12/31/13
L’Occitane In-Store Credit Card Use
(California Only)
M1010 minutes No 12/17/13
Buckle Company In-Store Credit Card Usage
(California Only)
M1010 minutes No 12/17/13
Rawlings Power Balance
(Magnetic Bracelets, etc)
M1010 minutes Bracelet 1/8/14
Kelloggs Frosted Mini-Wheats
Misleading Advertising Settlement Fund
A0015$15 M055 minutes No. 11/28/13
Glucosamine Joint Supplements
CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Costco, Sam’s, etc
A0012$12 M1010 minutes No. 12/3/13
Apple In-App Purchase Class Action Class Action
Unauthorized purchase by a minor
A0005$5 M055 minutes iTunes ID 1/13/14
AT&T Third Party Billing Class Action A0050$50 M1010 minutes Statement
Toys R Us Credit/Debit Card Users A0015Voucher M1010 minutes Credit Card 1/5/14
Urban Active Gym Membership & Personal Training A0030$30 M1010 minutes Name 12/30/13
Ford Navistar 6.0L Diesel Engine (2003 – 2007) A0400$400 M1515 minutes VIN No. 12/31/13
Intelius Background Check or Identiy Theft Protection A0225$225 M055 minutes Email 11/11/13
Alexia Frozen Potato Products
Waffle fries, mashed potatoes, potato bites, etc
A0035$35 M055 minutes No 11/27/13
Korean Air / Asiana Antitrust Class Action
Flights between USA & Korean (2000 – 07)
A0500$500 M1010 minutes No 12/31/13
Barbara’s Bakery Class Action Settlement
Natural Products Misleading Advertising
A0100$100 M055 minutes No 1/1/14
Sonicare AirFloss Class Action Settlement
(California only)
A0001Voucher M1010 minutes No 1/20/14
Audi & VW HID Headlight Class Action Settlement
Touareg (2004 – 07) & A4 (2005 – 06)
A0200$200 M1010 minutes Vehicle 12/3/13
BP Tainted Gas Class Action Settlement
BP, Meijer, Sam’s, Speedway, etc (IL, IN, WI, & OH)
A0050$50 M1010 minutes Yes 12/26/13
Naked Juice Class Action Settlement
Deceptive labeling as all natural product
A0045$45 M055 minutes No 12/17/13
Urban Active Gym Membership & Personal Training A0030$30 M1010 minutes Name 12/30/13
Werner Attic Ladders A0040New
M1010 minutes Label 1/21/14
NEW – Kohls Credit Card Users (MA Only) A0020$20 M055 minutes No 2/4/14
Southwest Airlines Terminal Credit Card Use A0050$25-200 M1010 minutes No 2/5/14
McCormick & Schmick Kobe Beef A0005$10
M1010 minutes No 2/1/14
iPad 3G AT&T Unlimited Data Plan A0040$40+ M1010 minutes Serial No. 2/3/14
Energen-C Vitamin C Products A0018$18 M055 minutes No 3/27/14
CytoSport Muscle Milk Misleading Advertising A0060$60 M055 minutes No 3/12/14
Duracell Ultra Batteries Short Life A0012$12 M1010 minutes No 4/10/14
Palm Beach Mall Text Messages A0150$20 M1010 minutes Phone Number 2/26/14
Bank of America Collections Calls and Texts A0030$30 M1010 minutes Phone Number 3/21/14
Miley Cyrus Jewelry from WalMart A0006$6 M1010 minutes Yes 3/12/14
Mini Cooper with CVT
(Continuously Variable Transmission)
A2000$2000 M1010 minutes No 4/2/14
Discovery Card Unsolicited Phone Calls A0030$30+ M105 minutes Phone
Nasal Ease Spray A0015$15 M055 minutes No 2/24/14
Honda Engine Misfire
V6 Engine – Accord, Oyssey, Pilot, Crosstour
A1000$500 M1515 minutes VIN 4/10/14
Organix Hair Care & Shampoo A0028$28 M055 minutes No 3/17/14
American Express Gift Card
Monthly fees and Split Tender (2002 – 2011)
A0005$5 – $40 M1010 minutes No 3/6/14
Cipro Antibiotics
California only (1997 – 2004)
A0025$25 M055 minutes No 3/31/14
Vioxx Prescription Pain Killers
Purchases prior to 2004 only
A0050$50+ M1515 minutes Yes 5/6/14